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Botox & A $25k Bounty - Episode 03

On episode 03 of Your Bond Daddy, Elliott's business partner calls in a favor on Ms. Miller who burned off with his $25K. After making a brief pit stop at Aesthetica Houston Med Spa to get glammed up with a little botox, Elliott and his team of bounty hunters gear up and head down south to pay her a little visit at home.

Let's just say she was in for a rude awakening when she saw Your Bond Daddy standing at her front door.

"Your Bond Daddy" is a real look into the life and wild times of one of Texas' most sought after and well known bounty hunters, Elliott Sondag, aka "Your Bond Daddy".

Elliott Sondag's career as a licensed bail bondsman & bounty hunter really accelerated after he was introduced to Duane "Dog" Chapman and his late wife, Beth. That’s when he got the opportunity to work alongside "Dog" and Beth, which happened to be on Season 3 of Dog and Beth: On The Hunt on CMT.

During his time with Dog and Beth, Elliott learned firsthand what it really takes to be successful in this industry, and because of his relentlessness and drive, he is now known as one of the most fierce and respected bounty hunters in Texas.

NOTE: The following episode features real bounty hunters chasing actual fugitives. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. These episodes are captured in real-time and not scripted.

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