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You've seen him roll with "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Dwayne Chapman on CMT. Now you can follow Elliott, along with his salty crew of bounty hunters, as they take Texas by storm.

If you dare, LFG!

"Life is very simple. Set your own rules & stick to them. Do that and you'll always be respected.."

          - Elliott Sondag

The 2 Rules

Eliott and his team operate with a simple set of rules and they remind everyone they help.

These set of rules keep situations level & controlled. But, if everyone followed the rules, we wouldn't be sitting here. That's why they ended up in a jam calling YourBondDaddy!



Behind the 6'4" stature and Moses-like voice, there is a story of run-ins with the law and drug addiction in Elliott's late teens and early 20's.


He was held accountable and it changed his life. Everyday is his mission to pay it forward and help others jammed up like he was, and ... in the end, get their life back on track.

Family has always been at the center. And you'll see that in every episode of YourBondDaddy, along with the heart and compassion Elliott and his team have.

But, don't ever mistake his kindness for weakness. If you call on him to help you out of a jam, he will. But he demands you hold up your end of the bargain.

If not, he will hold you accountable using whatever means necessary.


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